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Dressed Bodies Symposium

The ‘If the Shoe Fits’ project team hosted a one-day symposium at Sheffield University on 17th July 2013 – after serious difficulty choosing between many inspiring abstracts. In the end we had to go for a long day of short … Continue reading

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Graduation shoes

Sitting up on the platform at graduation, fully-robed, was a great shoe-watching opportunity. As graduates-to-be came up the steps I could see many were nervous. It was hard to walk across that platform looking cool, as if you belonged there. Many women … Continue reading

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Northampton Shoe Museum Sneaker Speaker Symposium

Northampton Guildhall – 2nd April 2011                                                                     … Continue reading

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Little Black Dress Exhibition Review

LBD Little Black Dress Exhibition at the Civic,  Barnsley 31st March – 20th May, 2011 Walking into this exhibition to the sound of Piaf and a proliferation of black and white images felt like an invitation to pleasurable nostalgia.  Arranged … Continue reading

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‘Walking in My Shoes’

The Cuming Museum,                                Walworth Road,  Southwark, London. 10th December, 2010 – 23rd April, 2011. This exhibition combines 50 pairs of historic shoes from the Cuming … Continue reading

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Red peep-toes and Italian heels

No shoes of mine were ever kept when I was a child, neither for sentimental reasons nor to be handed on. I had no siblings.  My shoes were bought at John Lewis, in Cambridge, where my father sold beds and … Continue reading

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