We’re Moving!

Dear ‘If the Shoe Fits’ authors and subscribers,

This post is to notify you that in the next few days the ‘If the Shoe Fits’ blog will be moving to a new site: www.iftheshoefitsblog.org. If you wish to continue your subscription you will need to re-register at the new location.

As you may be aware, the blog was attached to a large ESRC-funded project entitled ‘If the Shoe Fits: Footwear, Identity and Transition’ in the Department of Sociological Studies at The University of Sheffield. The project was led by professors Jenny Hockey and Victoria Robinson, with Dr. Rachel Dilley as research associate and myself as the postgraduate researcher.

The project has now finished, and, as so often happens with initiatives of this sort, the digital outputs hosted by the University are now under threat of deletion. To continue the legacy of the project the blog will therefore be migrated and managed at the new WordPress site.

We look forward to seeing you at the new site and to providing a host of new academic insights to the social and cultural significance of shoes!

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